TK8 - The Kubernaut Behind the Scenes

2/8/19, 1:25 PM - 2/8/19, 1:45 PM
  • AWS Installer Kubernetes Optimization
Workshop Room 222

Christopher Adigun, Manuel Müller, Kubernauts Community


There are many great Kubernetes distributions and installers, some of them are enterprise grade like Kops, OpenShift (OCP, OCE or OKD), Rancher RKE or fully managed like AKS, EKS, GKE, etc., others are more for fun and rapid deployment for on-prem or public cloud environments. But what if you want to build your own installer and create your own "tailored" distro? With the rise of Kubeadm and Kubespray, many distros and installers have been developed in the wild to use them to build custom installers, one of them is TK8.

In this session the main developers of TK8 provide a deep look behind the scenes of TK8 and TK8 Web and how you can build your own installer with a clean REST Interface and use it in your organization to provide KaaS and build your own Service Catalog and add-ons.

Christopher’s Bio:

Christopher works as a SRE Engineer and Kubernetes Administrator on large Scale Cloud-Native projects. He is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Application Developer and started to build TK8 in early 2018 as a side project by Clouds Sky. Christopher is an Open Source Advocate and Golang lover.

Manuel’s Bio:

Manuel works as a developer advocate and AWS Engineer on large scale Kubernetes projects. He is the CTO of Kubernauts and is the main developer of TK8 Web in his spare time. Prior joining Kubernauts he worked as a Java Enterprise developer for more than 10 years.