Aggregation of real-time monitoring IoT data of a wind farm with Kubernetes

2/8/19, 2:00 PM - 2/8/19, 2:45 PM
  • Cloud-Native Kubernetes Optimization

Burkhard Noltensmeier, GmbH


We use Prometheus as a perfect time-series data tool. For the IOT domain wind farm we need more infrastructure around the metric components. The IOT data stream requires an MQTT message broker to asynchronously aggregate the real-time data. To enable multi-tenancy, we chose Open ID Connect for authentication. This led us to a complex microservice application design to consume the data. To manage all these components flexibly and scalably, we orchestrate the containers with Kubernetes.
To enable edge processing, we use Docker CE on distributed industrial ARM servers in wind turbines. Together with our customers, we have developed helpful real-time dashboards with Grafana. In this talk I will discuss the adventure of this IOT use case and how we implemented it.

Burkhard’s Bio:

Burkhard Noltensmeier (avowed since 1993 Linux Evangelist) founded after studying computer science at the University of Hagen 1994 Network Services GmbH in Bielefeld. Since early 2013, he and his team are involved in the development of OpenStack and official corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. Since 2014 he operates under the name teutoStack successful one of the first German public cloud solutions. As part of growing customer demands he has worked since mid-2015 with his team at the integration of a Kubernetes cluster, which runs on the teutoStack platform.