Serverless Architectures and Services on your Kubernetes Cluster

2/8/19, 4:00 PM - 2/8/19, 4:45 PM
  • AWS Cloud-Native Google Kubernetes Microservice Serverless

Theo Pack, Cologne Intelligence GmbH


With the release of AWS Lambda in 2014, serverless gain more and more popularity in the last five years. Many services, tools and frameworks were developed during this time. In this session we will take a look to three different approaches, how we can achieve a serverless experience in our kubernetes cluster. For the different approaches we will use Kubeless, Knative and Virtual Kubelet.

Kubeless is a FaaS Framework built for Kubernetes with large support for different languages.

Knative is a container-based serverless platform, which has become extremely popular within a very short time.

Virtual Kubelet is a Kubernetes kubelet implementation, which can extend your cluster with serverless container platforms resources like ACI or Fargate.


Theo's Bio:

Theo Pack is cloud architect and software engineer. He is interested in cloud technologies, serverless solutions, distributed systems and building robust systems. He has been working for Cologne Intelligence for almost ten years now.

GitHub: furikuri

Twitter: @furikuri

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  • What is Serverless?

  • FaaS with Kubeless

    • What is Kubeless

    • NodeJS - Demo

  • Serverless Container with Knative

    • Istio

    • Knative

    • Events

    • HTTP - Demo

    • Kubernetes Event - Demo

    • GCP PubSub - Demo

  • VirtualKubelet

    • Kubernetes + Serverless Container Platforms

    • K8S + Fargate - Demo