Hybrid Kubernetes Cluster on Embedded Devices

2/8/19, 1:00 PM - 2/8/19, 1:25 PM
  • Cloud-Native Kubernetes Microservice
Workshop Room 222

Peter Rossbach, bee42 solutions gmbh


In this talk, Peter will talk about how Docker was extended from x86 Linux to the ARM platforms for your hyprid kubernetes clusters.

Peter will also demo some of the new features of the current Docker CE engine to manage Kubernetes Clusters with both x86 and Raspberry PI Linux nodes.


Peter's Bio:

As founder of the bee42, Cloud Native Architect, Apache Member, Apache Tomcat Committer, Infracoder and Container Influencer, Peter can rely on a long-lasting and remarkable experience. With his skills he inspires the bee42 crew and customers to Rethink IT.