K8s Studio

2/8/19, 4:00 PM - 2/8/19, 4:00 PM
  • Installer Kubernetes Optimization
Online, Workshop Room 020

Guillermo Quiros, UxxU


UxxU K8s Studio is a new  IDE for Kubernetes. It provides a complete workspace with a rich tool set to administrate Kubernetes clusters. We use the power of data visualisation to give the user a 360 degrees view of the system and an interactive workbench to easily create and manage deployments.

Guillermo’s Bio:

Guillermo Quiros founded UxxU.io in November 2018. He is a Software engineer, a solution architect, an expert in data visualisation and a DevOps wannabe! He created Kubernetes Studio after his experience and frustrations implementing Kubernetes the hard way on his bare metal setup. Guillermo loves creating, inventing, pushing the limits of technology, collaborating with like minded people to achieve epic goals and overall having fun doing all this!