Bringing the Cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes

2/8/19, 3:00 PM - 2/8/19, 3:45 PM
  • Cloud-Native Installer Kubernetes Cloud Foundry
Workshop Room 222

Mario Manno, SUSE


SUSE Cloud Application Platform (CAP) provides developers with a rapid application deployment workflow by bringing the Cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes. This talk gives an overview of how SUSE has created a Kubernetes-native Cloud Foundry distribution for increased developer productivity and will provide a demonstration of CAP running on AWS. The talk concludes with a glimpse at the work we are doing in the CF Containerization and Eirini upstream projects for CAP 2.0.

Mario’s Bio:

Mario works as software specialist in the cloud and systems management department at SUSE Linux. After visiting the Pivotal
Dojo he first joined the European BOSH team and is now working in the Cloudfoundry containerization team to create a Kubernetes controller for managing Cloudfoundry.

In his free time Mario contributes to open source projects, like the conference management software frab and the video portal voctoweb.